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Web Page Design & House Portraits 

I have been designing web pages for fourteen years.  Please visit my portfolio  page to see some recent websites that I have made. I started out creating pages for my classroom, then I was hired by several school districts to create central office pages for them.  New Century Solutions, my web page design business,  was created in 1997 and has since grown to include over 60 non-profit, educational, and several small business sites. Please see my prices and terms  page to get an idea about what I would charge, and also look at the services I provide.  I have also included a "How to Prepare"  page which may answer some questions you may have. 
Feel free to call me at (413) 586-0785 and we can chat!  Holly

Email Holly:  holly @ hollyhargraves.com  (spaces added to reduce spam)

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