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Contact me via email:  holly @ hollyhargraves.com for more information, a detailed estimate, or any further questions you may have. 

This is a list of what I will be needing from you: 
  1. A goal for your page - what do you want to accomplish by having a web page?
  2. Name 
  3. Business name
  4. Address: City, State, Zip 
  5. Phone #, Fax #, Email address and where you have an internet account (I can set this up)
  6. Text copy (digital preferred): email this, give me a disk (save files as text or ASCII or in Word), or I can type it in. 
  7. Brochures, business cards, copies of reviews, articles, catalogs,to give me a sense of you and your work. 
  8. Copies of logos, trademarks, letterheads
  9. Biography, resume, awards...
  10. Any information to be linked: professional associations, favorite web sites,...
  11. List of conventions, stores, craft fairs, that sell your work, if relevant. 
  12. List of keywords that people might connect with you, eg. "fishing poles, gifts, mug, car parts, plates, dogsitting services, Northampton, canoe trips,..."
  13. Color prints or black and white prints, to be scanned with © permission and credits if needed.  Photos should be named with words not numbers.  Photos can be provided on disk or CD in jpeg format
  14. Possibly, your credit card number for domain name registration and account set-up



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